Motivational Speaker

After being hit by a trolley train in 2012, Lizzy sustained a C5 spinal cord injury and was told that she would never breathe on her own or move anything below her shoulders ever again. Now, confined to a power wheelchair, she continues to defy those odds and continues on her mission to live life to the fullest. As a motivational speaker, she spreads an empowering message about overcoming obstacles and what it truly means to Never give up. As her motto has always been, believe, she says to keep believing in yourself and your dreams, even after life wakes you up.


About Lizzy

Lizzy has always been about loving and living life to its fullest potential. Before her accident, she was a motocross champion in the Wild West Nationals, she was titled the World Championship Natural Bodybuilding Sports Model, she was a personal trainer and Zumba instructor, an adventurer who loved anything from skydiving, rock climbing, and snowboarding, down to simpler adventures, like biking, hiking… And everything in between.  
On May 14, 2012. Lizzy was hit by a trolley train while riding her bike to work. She suffered a C5 spinal cord injury, three skull fractures, a broken scapula, broken ribs, a punctured lung and slight brain bleeding. Now, impaired by paralysis from the shoulders down, she is still accomplishing her goals and living a full happy life. Lizzy continues to go to school, while motivational speaking to various audiences and hopes to shine a light on spinal cord injuries or uplift anyone facing adversity.



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